Ordinance 264

Compost and Burning Site Location

Repealing Ordinance 180



Compost and Burn Site Location:  City property located at Section 29 of Weimer Township, Northwest Quarter (NW ¼) of Jackson County in the State of Minnesota.


Compost and Burn Site Scope:  The property shall be used for the deposit and disposal of compostable items such as grass clippings, leaves, personally grown fruits and vegetables from the residential gardens, branches, or entire trees; and is designated to be used only by the City of Heron Lake residents.  This property shall comply with all regulations for similar services as regulated by MN Statutes.


Section 1:   City Residents Only – No person, business or group shall use the designated property listed above for disposal purposes unless they are a resident of the City of Heron Lake, which is located in Jackson County in the State of Minnesota.


1. Non-residents of the City of Heron Lake may only use such property for disposal purposes only with documented permission from the Mayor and City Council of Heron Lake.


1.Non-residents of the City of Heron Lake may only use such property for disposal purposes after applying for and receiving a permit from the City of Heron Lake. (See section 1a)


Section 2:  Prohibited Acts – No person, business, or group shall violate the following listed prohibited acts.

1. Disposal of any complete motor vehicle or parts, fluids, or other vehicle components.

2. Disposal of household trash, refuse, or manure.

3. Disposal of construction materials and construction supplies.

3. Disposal of hazardous materials as specified as such by MN State Law including all petroleum products.

4. Disposal of animal carcasses or any parts of animal carcasses.

5. Disposal of concrete, stones, gravel, or dirt.

6. Disposal of scrap metal, glass, plastic items.

7. Disposal of appliances, furniture, electronics, batteries, or prescription medications.

8. Disposal of any permissible or prohibited items alongside or upon the roadway leading out to the Compost and Burn Site.

To ignite any fire for the purposes of disposal. Exemption only for the authorized City Personnel, when there is not a burning restriction declared by Jackson County or The State of Minnesota.


Section 3:  Persons who violate any provisions of the ordinance shall be guilty of a petty misdemeanor with a fine amount set annually by the City of Heron Lake that shall not exceed $300.00 per Minnesota Statute 609.02.


MN §609.02 Subdivision 4a:  Petty Misdemeanor.  “Petty misdemeanor” means a petty offense which is prohibited by statute, which does not constitute a crime and for which a sentence of a fine of not more than $300.00 may be imposed.


Section 4:  Validity

Subdivision 1:  This Ordinance shall be in full force and take effect from and after its passage and approval and publication as provided by law.


Subdivision 2:  All other ordinances and parts of other ordinances inconsistent or in conflict with any part of this ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent of such inconsistency or conflict.

Adopted by the Heron Lake City Council on _______________.


Andrew Rasche, Mayor


Attested by:




Published _________/__________/2023