Heron Lake-Okabena Community Foundation
Grant Evaluation Rubric



1 (low)



4 (high)

Organizational History

 Briefly describe your organization

Organization is newly formed – no prior history.  Leadership is unclear.

Organization is fairly new – but has roots in prior community groups.  Leadership is unproven.

Organization has been active in the community in the past and is seeking a rebirth.  Leadership is clear and well known.

Organization has been a part of the HL-O Community for many years, is a strong and active organization.  Leadership is clear and highly respected.

Benefit to the
HL-O Community

Is the applicant a local resident?  How many community members would be affected?

Applicant has a local presence, but is not a local resident.  Program benefits a small number of members of the HL-O Community

Applicant has a local presence, but is not solely a local resident. Program benefits a limited number of members of the HL-O Community

Applicant is a local resident.  Program benefits many members of the HL-O Community

Applicant is a local resident.  Program clearly benefits all members of the  HL-O Community

Program Goals

What does the project hope to accomplish?  What is your focus?

It is unclear what the project hopes to accomplish.

Project goals sound good, but need a more clear focus

Project goals are complete and clear – but could use minor tweaking

Program Goals are clear, focused and complete.

Program Objectives

These are the clear, specific, and measurable outcomes of the project. State the who, what, where, and when.

Few details about how the project will actually work.  Objective is fuzzy and not measurable.

Details of the project could be more complete.  Objective is somewhat measurable.

Most of the details of the project are present.  Measurement of objective is fairly clear.

Objectives of the project are clear, specific and measurable.  Only minor details are missing.


What combination of activities and strategies will bring about the desired results?  Justify why this approach was selected.

Activities and strategies are not clear and are not tied to any desired results.  Approach to project is unjustified.

Activities are complete – but not clearly tied to a desired result or strategy.  Approach to project is somewhat justified.

Activities are complete, strategies and desired results are fairly complete – only minor details missing.  Approach to project is mostly justified.

Activities and strategies are well thought out and clearly tied to desired results.  Approach is justified. 

Innovative Approach

Does the project duplicate other community projects?  Is the project innovative?

Project is not unique and duplicates other community projects.

Project has some innovative features but might duplicate current community projects.

Project is an innovative twist on a concept that is familiar to the community.

Project is innovative and a brand new concept for the community.


How will results be measured?

No clear method for measuring results is present

Parts of the project results are measurable – but the method is incomplete

Much of the project results are measurable and the method is fairly complete

The project results are measurable and the method for measurement is clear.


Attached budget page, with justification.  The more specific, the better.

Budget is incomplete, lacks specific details and is mostly unjustified.

Budget appears complete, but could be more specific.  Major budget items are unjustified.

Budget is complete and fairly specific, but is missing some justification

Budget is complete, specific and justified.

Completeness of application

Major parts of the application are missing

A few parts of the application are incomplete.

Much of the application is complete – just needing a few details

Application is fully complete.

Area of interest

Does the project match one of the areas of interest in the grant guidelines?

Is outside the areas of interest and doesn’t appear to be related.

Is related to one of the areas of interest indirectly.

Matches one of the areas of interest.

Incorporates more than one area of interest.

Appropriateness of the request.

Is the request for an acceptable type of support according to the grant guidelines?

The request does not appropriately match the types of support in the grant guidelines.

Small parts of the request are unacceptable – but the bulk of the grant is for acceptable types of support.

The request is for one of the acceptable types of support – the length of needed support is unclear.

The request is for a specific commitment to one or more of the acceptable types of support.

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