History of Heron Lake Churches

Norwegian Lutheran Church, Heron Lake Minnesota, 1940's LakesnWoods.com Postcard and Postcard Image Collection

Methodist Episcopal Church, Heron Lake Minnesota, 1907 LakesnWoods.com Postcard and Postcard Image Collection

Catholic Church, Heron Lake Minnesota, 1940's LakesnWoods.com Postcard and Postcard Image Collection

Very soon after the founding of the village the residents took steps to secure religious worship, and in the summer of 1872 some money was raised to help build a church, but it was the next year before a house of worship was erected.

The oldest church organization is the Methodist Episcopal. Services were held as early as 1872, but it was not until June 9, 1873, that an organization was perfected. For several years the society worshipped in the Baptist Church building, which was first erected in the town. In June, 1887, the building was completed, and the Methodists had a home of their own. A parsonage was built in 1895. The old church building answered the purposes until 1902, when it was replaced by the present building. The Methodist society has prospered and has a large membership.

The Baptist society was the second to perfect an organization. On July 21, 1873, a meeting was held. The society erected a church building the same year, which was used as a house of worship by all denominations, are the public school building, as a place for public entertainment, and by all societies. The church society was maintained for several years.

The Scandinavian Lutherans had a church organization in Heron Lake in the early seventies, but it was later when organizations were perfected. In 1886 money was raised for the church building. For several years the Salem Lutheran and Norwegian Lutheran congregations, although maintaining separate organizations, worshipped in the same church alternating Sundays. This continued until September 3, 1894, when the Norwegian Lutherans separated from the other church. Shortly after its organization it was admitted as one of the congregations of the United Church of America.

The Catholic Church was organized in the early eighties, and the church building was erected in the fall of 1884. A parochial school was established in 1896 and for several years it was conducted by the Sisters of St. Francis of Rochester.

The Episcopal Church also maintained an organization in the eighties.

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